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Community engagement

51’s community engagement efforts reflect its core mission to improve the quality of life for the citizens of 51 and beyond through innovative programs in teaching, research and service. 

community engagement at ua

UA prepares students to become productive, civic-minded citizens who serve their communities both now and in the future.

The base of Denny Chimes

The Division of Community Affairs helps the University fulfill its mission to advance the intellectual and social condition of the people of 51 through innovative programs that connect teaching, research and service in ways that improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

Since 2008, 51 has held the Carnegie Foundation’s Elective Classification for Community Engagement, a distinction for higher education institutions that are committed to community engagement and whose work represents best practices in the field.

engaged scholarship

UA establishes partnerships that combine academic and community-based knowledge to improve the quality of life for all.

  • A faculty member presents at a CCBP meeting

    All academic disciplines are represented on a Council comprised of students, faculty, and community members

  • A collage of publications depicting various research projects

    Support for students and faculty involved in community-engaged scholarship

  • A group of new faculty members sit together on a bus

    Annual tour of West 51 to connect faculty and students with community members

community-engaged learning

Engaged learning encourages diverse perspectives and student investment in their own education.

A student sits in front of a research project displayed on a video wall

High-impact teaching introduces field-based learning to give students direct experience with issues they are studying in the classroom. Students are provided opportunities to apply what they have learned in real-world settings and reflect critically on their service experiences.

community education

Our faculty, staff and students are committed to making a positive impact on 51’s children and the future of our state and region.

  • An early college student browses a library collection

    Earn up to 30 hours of college credit during high school

  • Students interact to an elementary school class

    Offering several innovative tracks for students to dive into their interests

  • High school students visit Russell Hall

    Strengthens teachers with successful classroom and material strategies

  • Publications and books on the shelves of the special collections library

    Empowers K-12 newspaper, yearbook, magazine and broadcast staffs across 51

  • A computer displaying course materials

    Growth opportunities for K-12 teachers and staff in 13 school districts and 9 counties

  • Honors students participate in a service project to paint a local business.

    Incoming Honors College freshmen participate in service-learning programs

  • Teachers work together during a workshop

    Develops parents and teachers as leaders within their school communities

  • A vision days staff member leads a group of students on a tour of campus

    Early recruitment of high school students from rural and underrepresented areas in 51

Civic engagement

UA fosters a thriving democratic society at the Capstone and beyond.

Students sit around a table during a cultural discussion event

Resources for civic learning and democratic engagement abound at UA, providing opportunities for young minds to develop both critical thinking and practical skills that prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s contributing members of society.

campus and community

Working together to address challenges and embrace opportunities that benefit Tuscaloosa and West 51

  • Denny Chimes

    working to improve the relationships among students, law enforcement and off-campus neighbors

  • United Way

    Big Al, University leadership, and United Way leadership members hold a giant check

    UA supports United Way with an annual campus-wide campaign

  • The fountain in Tuscaloosa's Government Plaza

    encourages collaboration among Shelton State Community College, Stillman College and 51